Rugby Americas Canceled the ARC schedule for 2020 Season

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Rugby Americas Canceled the ARC schedule for 2020 Season

Rugby Americas Canceled the ARC schedule for 2020 Season

The Chief Executive Officer of Rugby Americas Dan Payne announced today, the ARC and ARCh  ( Senior and Under-20 ) competitions will not be held in the current format because of coronavirus pandemic.

We have been personally observing the circumstances in every nation which is very clear in the best interests of players, workers, and general public interest said Payne.

World Rugby CEOs of the Americas' associations and other key partners have been assessed an uneven and advancing worldwide condition while proceeding to investigate all answers for the locale. We want to leave the door open, whatever its size, for the possibility of a regional competition later in the fourth quarter instead of canceling it completely, he included.

At the beginning of March, the International rugby game has been interrupted when the pandemic started. Since the borders are still closed and many countries are still under unclear lines of sight, the international summer competitions 2020 cannot be held in their current format.

All associates of the country are at a different stage of the struggle against COVID-19. Payne said, There is a common objective, that is, to return to the field safely and efficiently while it is safe for players, employees, and fans. 

In 2016 it was started since then ARC and the ARCH have been essential to the growth and development of rugby throughout America. Last year, four nations qualified for the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

It is very important that Unions can set up their national competitions before we can consider the possibility of international games later this year said, Payne.

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