RWC 2019 USA VS Tonga Live Stream | 13 October 2019

RWC 2019 Tonga VS USA Live Stream

RWC 2019 USA VS Tonga Live Stream | 13 October 2019

Tonga VS United States Live Rugby- Hanazono Rugby Stadium- RWC 2019


The sports craziness is yet to take another turn into RWC 19 this winter. Rugby at its full swing is going to push the brains of its lovers. Hitting the stadiums of Japan this time, the country is all set to welcome the world to a sensation of sports that will leave a never-ending impression for all times to remember.  Being hosted every four years, Rugby has turned a lot of hearts.  This time countries that have not been under jalopy roof are leaving no stone unturned in getting the grip. Tonga VS United stated featuring ion pool C is going to give a tough fight.  With countries like England and France standing neck to neck the competition is tough, but would be more fun and thrill. 

Sunday, 13th of October will be the day when the world is going to witness one of the hard-hitting matches. Well its RWC 19, every date is worth marking the calendars! Hanazono Rugby Stadium will light the day at 14:45 JST, setting the clocks is not that difficult, but yes! Traveling all the way to watch such an event might be a hassle though. The must-watch feature might be the war dance- the Sipi Tau, the Tongans start all their matches with this dance. Some legendary moves are yet to be born this RWC 19.  Beating France in 2011, Tonga was quite and entry in the tournament. Whereas the United States, achieving the largest margin of victory against Japan in 2003, might turn a stunner this time.

How to Watch Live Streaming of United States VS Tonga 

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Game: Tonga VS USA

Place: Hanazono Rugby Stadium

Date: 13 October 2019

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